Ready for a Beer?

How about with some pork Yakitori?
The Yakiton!


In our place, you can enjoy
Both standing bar style
And sitting at a table.


Just yourself,
Or with your friends,
Feel free to stop by anytime.
Our friendly staff is always
ready to serve you.
We don't speak much English but
We have English Menu!
And our communication level is very high with Big Smiles.


●What is Yakiton?●

Yakitori is skewered chicken.
Yakiton is Yakitori style skewered pork.

We serve ordinary Yakitori too.
In fact, we skewer just about anything.
Please check out our food menu for details.



Asakusabashi 4-10-2 Taitoku Tokyo
3 minutes walk from JR Sobu-sen Asakusabashi West Exit


Monday-Friday 16:30-23:00
Saturday 16:30-22:00
Sunday 15:00-20:00





Skewered Food

tanhatsu ◆Tan(left) and Hatsu(right)◆
Tan is tongue and Hatsu is heart. Please try our skewered pork
Start with tongue and heart.
They are so fresh.
We recommend you to season them with just salt.

tareyaki ◆Liver(left) and Shiro(right)◆
Liver is liver and Shiro is intestine.
If you want to try our Teriyaki Sweet Sauce,
We recommend you to have liver and intestine.

akashiro ◆Shirojishi(left) and Akajishi(right)◆
Shirojishi is forehead with green paper in between.
Akajishi is heart with green paper in between.
Good with either salt or Teriyaki Sweet Sauce.

gatsusyo ◆Gatsu Shoyu◆
Gatsu Shoyu is stomach with soy sauce flavor.
You will be amazed by our soy sauce marinated pork stomach.
The aroma of soy sauce is so nice when it's roasted.

france ◆France Pan◆
France Pan is skewered French bread with crazy salt.
We always try our best
For the crispy crust and springy texture.

A La Carte

Our a la carte dishes start from 200 yen(tax-exclusive price)

nikomi ◆Shionikomi◆
Usually Nikomi, pork intestine stew, is flavored with miso in Japan.
But not our place!
We flavored it with salt because our pork is very fresh.
Enjoy the collaboration between pork and vegetables.

kotsuzara ◆Sara Nankotsu◆
It's so delicious!
We cook pork gristle in a pressure cooker
until it becomes very tender.
Then we marinated it with Teriyaki Sweet Sauce.
It's so tender you can actually chew on the bones!

We have much more food!

↓ ↓ ↓

◆Food Menu(tax-exclusive price)◆


Drink Menu

boll ◆Lemon Highball (Ball)◆
Please start with our legendary Shochu highball,
Our best selling drink.
Taste is so refreshing and smooth.
But it is very strong too.
You will like it a lot.
Only 300 yen. (tax-exclusive price)
So it saves your money too.

hois ◆Hoice◆
Our recommendation for the second drink.
Back in 1950s, both beer and whisky were
Very expensive in Japan.
So people used to drink Shochu and Hoice instead.
Only 300 yen!

koocha ◆Kucha◆
Kucha is Chinese bitter tea.
Since it's so bitter even with Shochu
For the first timer we recommend to dink it with lemon.
But as you get used to the bitterness.
You will notice it starts to taste sweet.
And you will be hooked to it!
It's good for your health too.
Specially it will lower your blood sugar level.
You will have less hung over too.

sake ◆Sake◆
Not too strong but not too weak
Good sake with Yakiton, skewered pork
That is the sake our owner was looking for before he opens our place.
And he found one in Mito prefecture, north east of Tokyo.
The brand name is Tokiwasakari.
Great for both cold or hot.
Please find out yourself
How good it is with Yakiton!
It's only 250 yen.

We have much more drink!

↓ ↓ ↓

◆Drink Menu(tax-exclusive price)◆


Due to alcohol tax raise,
Price of beer will be increased by 50 yen
From March 1, 2018.

■Branch Stores■

Nishiguchi Yakiton Yaya Higashiguchi Branch

It's located right in the between east and west exit of JR Asakusabashi.
You can find it from both east and west exit.
Just make sure to walk the south side of JR line.
Standing style bar.


Sister Branch: Yakiton Genki

Only 3 minitues walk from JR Akihabara Shouwadori Exit.
Address: Todoroki Building 1F Kanda Sakuma 3-37-3 Chiyodaku Tokyo
Telephone: 03-5829-9910



Party Time?
We support your Christmas Party, New Year's Party or any parties.
Please ask for our resonable party plan.

We can prepare special dishes like Nabe or sashimi
According to your party plan.



■Seifu Massage■

The wife of our owner's massage place.
After you get energized your stomach with Yakiton
You can tune up your body with Seifu Massage.